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Article on the work of Jonathan Mann in ARTisSpectrum Magazine:  http://www.artisspectrum.com/magazine/37/#53

Jonathan Mann

Jonathan Mann is a practicing artist and has been an art educator for 40 years in higher education and grades K-12. His art is about painting specimens from our natural world for the purpose of reconstructing and reinvigorating our memory of them when they become lost in our daily lives.
His paintings are for sale, commission and the pleasure of your engagement.

Statement:                                                                                                                                                                                  After years of observing the volatility of humanity and culture, I find myself more enamored with the natural world because it has been forgotten in the 21st century. Hence, for the past 25 years, I have been creating a park sanctuary where I can study nature through art. I am an explorer and an artist painting the underlying features of animal and botanical life. My paintings cannot change the world, but hopefully, change the attitudes that have made humanity blind to this beauty.

My chosen subject matter and techniques are not new. Nor do they comply with what is trending in contemporary art. My work is simply a focus on the world of nature which I believe many have taken for granted. I paint the objects of nature as something special and worthy of attention.

THE COLLEGE YEARS: 1975 - 1987